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Tired of the average car sales guy and their bag of tricks or haggling?


You are in the market for an new Nissan, but the shady salesman shenanigans are too much for you to handle. It seems as though every single car salesman you have ever dealt with always haggles, goes back and forth on prices, hides important information in addition to many other shady traits.

Its time for a change and I can be of service to you, think of me as your personal Nissan sales specialist. I have to offer three years car sales service experience providing a professional and memorable service to clients located in various cities in Iowa e.g. like Dubuque, Monticello, Cedar Rapids, Garnivillo and Cascade and cities in Wisconsin e.g. Lancester and Platteville amongst many other areas.

Let me guide you along in your car shopping journey, I am very acquainted with Nissan vehicles and can provide  an explanation of every feature and benefit each Nissan vehicle has to offer at the best price. Here is what some of my previous clients have to say about their car buying journey with me - 
the Nissan Guy.



What customers can expect:


In everything I do, I believe in challenging status quo. How many ways are you tired of the same mistakes we've been making for the last 50 years?

It's time for those who deserve better to start thinking differently to have an experience that's better. Guess what - my customers deserve better...

...and they know it.


So What Does an Ideal Customer of Adam's Look Like?



You are overwhelmed by the stressful 
multitude of choices


You are afraid of not getting the best deal

You hate haggling back and forth over price



You've had buyer's remorse in the past

You remember that terrible experience you had
(yes, the one you're thinking about right now)



You're ready for a proven, award-winning,
easy-as-ABC buying process

Its time for a change in the car buying process, choose me, Adam Tigges to assist you in making
your car buying experience better. Let’s Talk!
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